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Some Examples of The First Testament Witnesses
Both before the birth and the biset (Prophethood) many people had the knowledge about his coming and morals. These people were among the Jews and Christians religions that we call the people of the book, or members of the Khanif belief (the faith of Abraham). We learn this fact firstly from the Qur'an and then from the Hadith, Siyer and Islamic history sources. The Ayet reads:” Those whom we give books know him (the prophet in that book) as they know their own son. However, even a group of them conceals the truth.” The Jews saw the characteristics of the prophet in the Torah and the Christians in the Bible, and waited for him to come; each generation told it to the future generations and advised them to believe. For this reason, both groups were looking forward to the coming of this prophet. But when they saw that he was sent from among the Arabs and as an orphan, they simply denied with racism. But they knew that he was the true prophet, as they knew their own sons. Among these scholars and witnesses, Varaka b. Neyfel who was known to be an khanif but later chose Christianity, Jewish scholar and cleric ibn-i Heyyiban, and famous Christian Priest Bahira are the most striking. These personalities, knowledge and confessions of the Prophet (s.a.s.) are available today in the main sources of both Eastern and Western libraries. However, these facts are ignored from time to time especially in the Western media. Moreover, they make false stories that slander the Prophet of Islam and that are contrary to the original sources of Christianity. We hereby invite the Jewish and Christians to resort to these sources.

people of the book, Christians, Jews, KHanif belief, testament.

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