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The Importance of the Descriptions “End of the World” (Ahir Zaman) in the Poems of Kalgul Oluya in terms of Ethnopedagogical and Religious Education
In almost every society, there are individuals who analyze and foresee what is not seen by others. It is clear that these personalities with religious, philosophical and political objectives are also present in Kyrgyz society. Kaligul Bay Uulu, one of these wise personalities, is known as a poet who lived just before the Russian occupation and tried to reflect the socio-cultural characteristics of the period in his poems. The poet, who lived at a time when the era changed, was known as the first representative of the "time of sorrow poetry" in Kyrgyz literature. Time of sorrow poems are also called "End of the World" poems. The emergence of this kind of poetry was caused by the Russian invasion gradually spreading to Turkestan. Intellectuals, who were aware that the social disasters that happen to the neighboring Kazaks, Tatars were also a concern for their nation, wanted to warn the public. Kaligul's "Akir Zaman" poem wisely depicts the social life that will change with the Russian occupation, the deterioration of the traditional family order and the influence of the nation in different religions and languages. In this article, we will analyze the portrayal of the end of world in the poems of Kaligul based on religious sources and discuss the question of how we can teach this to the young generation in today's Kyrgyz society as a counsel, advise.

Kalıgul Oluya, End of the world poems, religious education, ethnopedagogy, moral education.

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